FiberOptik Kablolar / FOK


    • Electrostatic powder coated aluminum injection body
    • Fixed (unchanging) or changing color option
    • Works silently, without the need for fan cooling
    • Comes with up to 400 mixed fiber optic strands

    *See size options in table FO package options.

    These are the system’s basic components that enable the transportation of the light, generated at the light soruce, to the area of usage. The fiber optic cables are lifetime guaranteed, expect the circumstances of application of force and fading or degradation would not occur in the light transported by such cables. Fiber optic cables can be applied anywhere between the temperatures of +110°C and -40°C and are resistant against adverse conditions such as underground, underwater, inner concrete and humid areas. Due to being light transporters, theese cables do not couse any risk of power failure. All of the fiber optic cables, utilised for our products, are fiber optic cables manufactured by the Mitsubishi company. Mitsubishi, which has been manufacturing fiber optic cables since 1975, is one of the best companies throughtout the world in this regard. Mitsubishi, aside from our company, exports these cables to many highly qualified companies, located in the USA and Europe. Fiber optic cables are manufactured as bared in two main forms which are glass and acrylic. The cutting and shaping forming harnesses, encasement and finishing of fiber optic cables depending on needs, which we import in reels, unprocessed, are performed by our company.

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