Design and Engineering

Fiberli supports the development of knowledge, competence, and creative abilities of each team member both on an individual and organizational level. With a team of industrial designers, engineers and art directors, Fiberli has become a standard of aesthetic stance, perfect engineering, high quality, efficiency andsuccessful applications. The emerging designs and challenging prototype experiments are constantly advancing our brand. Our design team designs the most creative lighting options by determining the needs of the project. After concept determination; sketch, 2D / 3D render and visual work are presented to the customer in a booklet and/or as a video. After approval of the concept design, the design and project teams go through the schematic design phase by preparing the detailed plans of the application. In this phase, the layout details and all technical details of the lighting products are displayed on the architectural project using the AutoCAD programme. After the concept design and schematic design is approved, the project is then considered an “applicable project”. At this phase, the lighting level required for the project is determined by Dialux software both for indoor and outdoor lighting. The actual light values of Fiberli products are transferred to the software and the design is rendered closest to the real data visually and technically.