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Our company, PSL Electronic, which is the first Turkish company that applies Fiber Optic lighting systems in Turkey as a manufacturer, was established in Antalya1991. Our company, which concentrated on "Professional Audio and Light" systems at fisrt, pursued studies on decorative Fiber Optic ligting applications in 1997 and accomplished applications which are highly successful and each of which is a first and trendsetter in its field. The achieved succesful projects have derived our company to concentrate in the filed of decorative architectural lighting and our company, gradually pulling away from the field of " audio and light" systems, completely steered towards the field of lighting by creating the "FİBERLİ" brand in 2000s.The pioneer works and projects that were conducted during this period, and the technological developments in the LED sector, put forth the first signs that a "LEDrevolution in Lighting" would occur. Our company,which foresaw this development and progress, made the decision to completely take part in the "LED Lighting"field as a manufacturer in the 2000s and began to make all of its investments in this direction. Within this framework, we began to domestically manufacture our first LED lighting products and supply to our customers in 2002. We, from the beginning, designated our manufacture philosophy on the basis of domestic manufacturing, high quality, customer oriented, respect, and affection towards human, environment and nature. Our company, which has never made concessions to these principles, has achieved to become one of the frontrunner and leading organisations in the field in our region in a short amount of time. In 2017, for the purpose of providing a service with much higher capacity, pace and quality, we have moved to our new factory established on a 20.000 m2 area within the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and commenced manufacturing. Presently our company, which has accomplished more than 800 large scaled projects up untill now;

- Has nearly 400 hundred employees
- Has sales and service units located in numerous countries
- Carries out projects and applications customly designed for individuals or businesses,
- Has one of the four R&D center in Turkey’s lighting industry
- Has design unit with a team of experts in lighting field.

The vision of the company is to develop long-lasting, sustainable, high-efficient products by creating the technology of the future as a company that produces solutions in the lighting sector and to provide these services to the customers as a product/service package and also to establish the infrastructure to share the knowledge and experience has been gained in this sector.

The company's mission is to provide people low energy consumption, high energy efficiency and long lasting LED lighting comfort for a better quality of life, believing that life is vital for everyone. To achieve this goal, the Fiberli® brand has been providing high-tech and excellent quality LED lighting solutions to its customers since the early 2000s. The company's long-term goals is to become the market leader in LED Lighting industry in 10 years which sets the trends with Fiberli® brand.

The PSL Electronics believes in the following values in everything they do:
Integrity; As a trustworthy institution, first of all, we are honest and fair. We are straightforward and we stand behind our word.
Respect; We really care about the wellbeing and safety of others, society and resources, we treat them with care and diligence, we show confidence and we are open-minded
Excellence; We expect and achieve superior results at all times. We absolutely pass on the feedbacks that will help us learn new ways to improve.
Versatility; We use our intelligence, our talent and our experience to make everything we touch better. We are efficient, flexible and have self discipline. We do not hesitate to take initiative, and every time we look for an effective and a creative solution.
Teamwork; We believe that working together will allow us to achieve and have the best results. We are a good team that works hard for common good, supports each other and values our differences and our efforts to do best.
Responsibility; You can trust us. We take action, we are result oriented and we take responsibility. We fulfill our commitments and we do not give up. PSL ELECTRONICS has been providing its customers high-tech, excellent quality LED lighting solutions since the beginning of 2000’s with its brand Fiberli®.


Why Polar Bear?
Polar bears have white, thick fur that protects them from cold since they live in vast areas covered by glaciers. In fact, they have black skin which covered with transparent hairs. The transparent hairs function as fiber optic conductors. The hairs collect ultra-violet light and direct it to the black skin where it is converted into heat. Which means energy saving by heat insulation. Given these facts , we believed a logo design with a "Polar Bear" is the best visual language which describes the perfect harmony of nature and technology for our brand "Fiberli".


Fiberli has adopted the principle of energy efficiency and sustainable environment. Due to respect for nature and life, it is preferred to use completely unleaded materials with ROHS certification in production. The research results have proven that our highly efficient products provide energy conservation and prevent tons of CO2 emissions.
We at Fiberli believe in energy efficiency for a sustainable future, and the motto; "Save Your Energy" is created to be the voice of our brand value. As being environmental friendly has become our culture in every level of Fiberli and cycling being one of the most environmentally friendly sports, we decided to be the official sponsor of the Antalyaspor Bicycle Team. Our bike team dedicates every victory to a sustainable future and keep cycling for "Save Your Energy"

Fiberli Light Academy

Having one of the top 5 production and employement capacity in Turkey's lighting sector, Fiberli has an active roll in contributing to the fund of lighting knowledge in the sector . Fiberli Light Academy is proud to have opened its doors in 2018 and proud to be adding value to its customers, the industry and the educational institutions in the region with a conference room for 150 people. The Fiberli Light Academy annual event schedule will soon be available on the Fiberli website.
Having one of the four R&D centers in the lighting sector in Turkey, Fiberli devotes 15% of its annual income to research and development. Our educated, young and dynamic team of engineers strive to develop innovative, quality products and added value to our customers by improving environmentally -sensitive technologies and sustainable processes. While working on developing our product range with our R&D activities as the innovative face of international competition in the LED lighting sector, we are creating prototypes of new and improved products with our Product Development department without sacrificing quality. With our product development team, we have the ability to produce flexible and high-quality solutions according to market needs and compete in the global market with the products we produce.
Fiberli supports the development of knowledge, competence, and creative abilities of each team member both on an individual and organizational level. With a team of industrial designers, engineers and art directors, Fiberli has become a standard of aesthetic stance, perfect engineering, high quality, efficiency andsuccessful applications. The emerging designs and challenging prototype experiments are constantly advancing our brand. Our design team designs the most creative lighting options by determining the needs of the project. After concept determination; sketch, 2D / 3D render and visual work are presented to the customer in a booklet and/or as a video. After approval of the concept design, the design and project teams go through the schematic design phase by preparing the detailed plans of the application. In this phase, the layout details and all technical details of the lighting products are displayed on the architectural project using the AutoCAD programme. After the concept design and schematic design is approved, the project is then considered an "applicable project". At this phase, the lighting level required for the project is determined by Dialux software both for indoor and outdoor lighting. The actual light values of Fiberli products are transferred to the software and the design is rendered closest to the real data visually and technically.
We are moving towards our goal of establishing an integrated facility by continuously investing and increasing the quality and speed of our production with our machine park ,which is twice as bi with our new factory, and with our quality production staff. With our production department consisting of mechanical production, electronic production, automatic sorting unit and planning department, we have the facility that can produce 90,000 components per hour, with conveyor and cellular assembly lines and ability to assemble 17 different products at the same time.

1- Mechanical Production

Machining: Based on the job order which determined by planning department, machining department starts unwanted material removal process from metal pieces to form the desired pieces based on the product design.
Welding: Alüminyum, Krom, Çelik vb. metallerin tasarıma bağlı teknik resim referans alınarak malzemeye niteliğine uygun kaynak makinası ve metodu kullanılarak kaynak yapılan iş merkezidir. İş merkezinde 4 adet TIG Kaynağı, 2 adet Gaz altı kaynağı, 1 adet Punta Kaynak Makinası bulunmaktadır.
Cnc: A precise machining is performed by lazer on metals such as aluminum, chrom and steel based on 2D techinal drawings.
Press Brake: Metal sheet and plate materials are bended based on predetermined sizes and technical drawings.
Press: Metal cutting, bending and plastering of metal materials are rendered in press department.
Plexi Lazer: Department where plastic, acrylic and wood plates are cut and scraped.
Plexi Processing: It is a deparment where standard plexi products are produced, as well as specially designed products.
Dyeing plant: After prewash of metals composed of metal and alloy, paint dust is applied on the metal surface by static electricity and a painted surface is obtained by appliying 200 degrees heat which is called curing process.

2-Electronical Production

LEDLine Production: LEDline assembly in which luminaires used for general lighting and decorative lighting are produced by combined as linear arrays seamlessly. Ledline products are produced with the standarts of IP20 and IP44 for indoors and IP65 outdoor use.
Power Production: : It is the assembly line in which the general lighting , decorative lighting and under water armatures are produced. Based on where products are used, they are produced as IP20-IP44-IP65-IP68
Control Panel Production: Production line where the power supply and control system accessories are assembled into a cabinet for fixtures to work in accordance with the project needs.The power supplies and control system in the panel are controlled by electrical testing to see if the accessories are compatible and applicable on the field.
Polymer Production: It is the production line where the linear components are covered with the chemical material called polymer to obtain IP65 standard. Polymer chemical fittings are applied by cnc-controlled machine without being touched and dried (curing) in the same environment.
Automated PCB Assembly: All the electronic components of fixtures and control systems, especially leds, are printed on pcb by means of silk screen printing method. The electronic components placed in suitable positions in fully automatic cnc machines and exposed to heat before they are ready to use. The production line area and staff are continuously 100% ESD protected so that electronic components are not affected by static electricity.
Polymer Production: It is the production line where the linear components are covered with the chemical material called polymer to obtain IP65 standard. Polymer chemical fittings are applied by cnc-controlled machine without being touched and dried (curing) in the same environment.
Packaging: Packaging line is where all the orders are packed and gets prepared for shipping.


Planning department makes weekly and monthly production plans considering the critical materials and orders from sales and export departments, manages stock and makes sure the products are produced and delivered on time.
Department continuously improves production processes by applying lean manufacturing and MRP 1 methods and also evaluating capacity efficiency with PMI.
With our product range with 12.000 different stock codes, it is possible to plan and send the products that can meet the various demands of different customers. Also planning department plans the products with special specs for project based jobs.
Fiberli aims to produce safe, environmentally friendly and economomical products. Our management systems developed in accordance with this target are in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards. Our products are subject to IP, climate change, current control, incandescent and drive control tests.
CE, TSE, EAC, Atex, Türk Loydu Type Approval Certificates have successfully passed the analyzes and registered to the standards. Our products obtain following certificates; CE, TSE, EAC, Atex, Türk Loydu Type Approval Certificates
In order to make ourselves avaliable for our customers and listen to them regarding sales, design, production, application of the products and after sales services we can be reached at 444 5 775 . All our customer relations management processes are managed and reported by marketing department including the customer phone line which is integrated with our website. Fiberli has adopted a customer oriented approach that focuses on customer satisfaction.
The Fiberli technical team also supports our customers in after-sales procedures, application of products in the field and technical training if need be. Our technical team has the ability to reach to the job site quicky if requested or if a technical support is necessary. Fiberli keeps the technical team constantly educated in order not to cause heavy construction alterations and to make rapid applications. Even in facilities that are not suitable for the use of support units such as cranes and piers, our team is trained in mountain climbing so that they can reach the farthest corners and install the product.
At Fiberli, we believe that our employees are the key to our success and nothing can be achieved without their contrubution. Therefore we offer employement oppotunities to candidates that are willing to add value by bringing today’s technology, Fiberli experience and their talents together . Fiberli encourages the development of the human capital by providing various learning and implementation programs and establishes sustainable development culture overall.
We are committed to provide our employees with good working conditions, a safe and healthy work environment, and to build an open and interactive relations with them. Being able to produce values with our team spirit and to modernize our way of doing business with innovative approaches by making our culture sustainable is the basis of PSL Electronics philosophy. Being able to produce values with our team spirit and to modernize our way of doing business with innovative approaches by making our culture sustainable is the basis of PSL Electronics philosophy.
Our philosophy at PSL Electronics is to create value with team work and constantly modernize processes with an innovative approach. The focus of our human resources policy is to attract new hires that matches our philosophy and to keep satisfaction of our current human capital at optimum level in order to increase the efficiency. Our company has built a culture based on values of trust, mutual respect and dialogue. And as human resources, our goal is to maintain positive attitude and involvement.
Candidates willing to take part in our team may contact our Human Resources team at [email protected]
Please click on the link below for avaliable job opportunities:
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The standard warranty period for our LED lighting fixtures starts from the date of the invoice and is 3 years. 'Special project guarantee' or a more comprehensive guarantee can be negotiated upon request. For additional warranty requests, you may contact with our customer representatives. This warranty applies only to the Fiberli branded LED fixtures which have sold since 01.01.2014 and the warranty is valid only with a sales contract between seller ( PSL Electronics San. Tic. A.Ş. ) and the buyer. The warranty covers only those products which are used in accordance with the product’s purpose and which are delivered by the company with the product or used in accordance with the instructions announced on our website.

Our Company Liabilities

• If the product malfunctions within the warranty period, it will be repaired under the terms of the Warranty.
• If repair is not possible, the defective product may be replaced by a substitute product. All substitute products or spare parts may contain new or recycled materials. "Recycled materials" means used, repaired or not new pieces. The functionality of all substitute products or spare parts are equivalent to the functionality of the product or the part to be replaced.
• The warranty period of the replaced product or part is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased product.

User Liabilities:

• Products are warranted if they are used in accordance with the installation instructions and instructions written on the warranty document or published on our website and if the installation of the product is done professionally by authorized staff.
• User is responsible to provide or maintain the recommended and necessary environmental conditions for system/devices (earth lines, power lines to provide sufficient power, panel, control room, etc.) in order for them to work properly.
• The temperature and voltage limits should not be exceeded and the product should not be subject to mechanical and / or chemical force. Operating conditions should not exceed the IP value of the product.
• The user may not request another company and / or person service even if it is just for control purposes.
• It is obligatory to submit invoices to be able to benefit from warranty.
• The production date of the product should be clearly legible.
• Our company representatives should be able to access the defective product or system in order to verify the malfunction if the product is within the warranty period. Additionally, the following information can be requested from the user;
o Details of deteriorated product, features of parts used in system installation
-Date of application and invoice date
-Detailed problem description, number and date of failure
-Detailed information on on-off cycle during the period of usage or applicaiton.
-Environmental conditions where the product

Disclaimer of Warranty:

•Costs incurred during troubleshooting of user errors.
•Defects occured as a result of not using the product specified in the product manual are not covered by the warranty.
•Other expenditures such as re-installation, loading, labor costs and expenses incurred during the "repair / replacement of the product or part" are not covered by the warranty.
•Polycarbonate plastic parts and PMMA: These materials can change color as a result of the natural aging process.
•The color shift of the LED modules is not within the manufacturer's warranty. Light specifications of the replaced LED module may be different.
•The warranty period for internal and external LED drivers used in products is limited to 2 years. There will be an additional cost for repairing the drivers, If the product warranty period of the prodcut is longer than 2 years.
•The user can not hold the manufacturer responsible for problems caused by environmental factors (natural disaster, low or high voltage).