Control Systems / IndustrialPRO ALL-IN-ONE



Specification Parameter Ready Start Mini Midi Maxi
Electrical Input Voltage 85~265 V AC
Frequency 47~63 Hz
Number of Power Socket(*) 3/6 4/6 5/6 7/12 9/12
Surge Protection YES
Max Power Consumption 55W 60W 65W 70W 75W
Functional Processor 19” x 14U Intel i5-7300U 2.6 GHz
Memory 120GB SSD
Wi-Fi YES (Harici USB Dongle)
Ethernet 1GBit/s
Display Unit 19" HD LCD Monitor
Physical Body 19"x14U 19"x14U 19"x14U 19"x14U 19"x16U
Total Weight -
Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C
IP Class IP20
(*) Used/Total



FIBERLI IndustrialPRO ALL-IN-ONE Set; is an integrated light control station designed and customized for Art-Net/DMX based lighting. It runs the software that enables the animation data to be sent via Art-Net packages over the Ethernet line. Thanks to the 8-Port 1000Mbit/s internal Ethernet switch, it reduces the required Ethernet sharing load. Although it has low power consumption, it works very quietly. With USB 3.0-WiFi Connection, it allows remote access without damaging the existing lighting data line. With the surge protected group sockets, it ensures that all devices within its body are supplied from a single point.

• High speed Intel i5 Processor
• 16GB DDR4 Ram, 120Gb SSD Memory
• Windows 10 PRO 64Bit License
• 8-PORT 1Gbit / s Internal Ethernet Switch
• 19” widescreen monitor
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Low power consumption
• Durable Rack Case
• Plug-and-Play Ease of Use
• Fast boot and start



Ready PC Start Set Mini Set Midi Set Maxi Set
- - - - -
Internal Industrial PC (Fiberli IndustrialPRO)
8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Support (Fiberli Gigabit Ethernet Switch)
14U Black Metal Rack Enclosure 8-Universe DMX Output 16-Universe DMX Output 32-Universe DMX Output 48-Universe DMX Output
Group Socket 6 Outlets (1x Fiberli Node8X) (2x Fiberli Node8X) (4x Fiberli Node8X) (6x Fiberli Node8X)
14U Black Metal Rack Enclosure 14U Black Metal Rack Enclosure 14U Black Metal Rack Enclosure 16U Black Metal Rack Enclosure
Group Socket 6 Outlets Group Socket 6 Outlets Group Socket 12 Outlets Group Socket 12 Outlets
Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set and Drawer
External WiFi Dongle
Mounting Accessories (Screw, Nut, Dowel etc.)